Thursday, January 28, 2010


JANUARY 28,2010
One of my best friends Allison Williamson had her first baby on Thursday, Jan. 28, 2010. It was a little girl and they named her Brantley Rae Williamson. She is one of the cutest babies I have ever seen. We had planned a girls night with all the HS girls that thursday night and everything was all planned. Allison wasn't due for another week so we all thought we were good to meet. Well Wednesday night Allison went to the hospital and our girls night suddenly was changed from meeting at dinner to meeting at the hospital to welcome Miss Brantley Rae. It was so fun to all be their together to welcome the newest addition of the group. I have seen BR a couple more times since, but cannot wait until this summer when I can hang out more.
Here are a few snap shots of BR!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Sarabeth turned 27 this year, I can't believe we are growing up. We started her birthday week off with going to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants. Our family loves mexican so we went to Sol Azteca. We had a wonderful time and enjoyed celebrating her life.

My sister is always good at making sure she has a party for her Birthday, so she always plans it. This year her favorite band Trotline was going to be at Iron Horse. So that was where the party was going to be. Her friend Courtney had them reserve the corner for us and she decorated it with Blue and White Balloons in honor of the Colts playing in the Super Bowl. We all went to dinner before going out at another mexican restaurant. We had a great time with all of her wonderful friends that came out to celebrate her birthday.


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sorority Reunion!! 30 years of ALPHA XI DELTA

January 21-23 Auburn, Al
Friday Night
We all decided to meet at Niffer's for dinner before meeting up with all our other sorority sisters. So we ate dinner, got ballon hats and chatted before heading to my little Amy's house.

Then we all decided to call the "SUPPER CLUB BUS" to come pick all 20 sisters up so no one would have to separate. Here are a few shots from the bus and night at Supper Club with all my sisters.

We all woke up after sleeping from a late late night, reliving those college days. When everyone got ready it was time to go to our new sorority Dorm and that a tour of our new chapter room and hall. Before I show the pictures let me just say I am extremely jealous and would love to go back to college and live here.

Saturday Night
We all got all dressed up for the Sorority Banquet which is when we were going to see all sorority sisters from all 30 years.
It was a very emotional and wonderful experience and I am so thankful and proud to call each of those women sisters. I wish some of my other sisters could have been there because I miss them all so much.

Now to live another night like we were back in College!!
Bodega (Now called the Vault), then Another Bar.

We all got up and got dressed and headed to breakfast at Panara Bread before heading our different ways home. It was a fabulous weekend of making new memories to remembering old memories with all my sisters.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Years 2010

This New Years was very simple and low key which was very nice.
Grant and I went to dinner at J 'Alexanders and had a wonderful meal. Then we headed over to our friends Mike and Allison's house where we hung out and played games the rest of the night. At midnight we watched the ball drop like always and had our New Year's Kiss. Then we headed back home and went to sleep.
Nicole and I

Grant and I right before New Years!!
The Girls!!!
Grant being silly at Dinner!
Grant and I at Dinner!