Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sprinkle Shower for Baby Savannah!!

All of my girlfriends always give a little shower for the second babies. My good friend Allison is due in May with her second little girl and so we decided to throw her sprinkle shower in April. We all decided to purchase one big gift as a group, which was a gift card to BUY BUY BABY!!! Then each of us got her individual gifts on our own. Before opening gifts we all chatted a little and ate some appetizer to bring!! Then Allison opened up all her gifts for sweet Caroline!! I always have a great night with these girls. I am one lucky girl to have so many amazing friends. We all can’t wait to meet sweet baby Caroline. 

Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Band Perry!!

One of my friends got tickets to "The Band Perry" concert which was being held at the college she works at. She was so generous to invite my sister and I. We couldn't pass up 10 dollar tickets. So my sister and I decided to drive over to Georgia for the concert and then drive home when it was over. We had seats on the floor and so we didn't rush to get there. We decided to go enjoy mexican before heading over to the local college where the concert was being held. Funny story when we arrived we had totally forgotten about arriving early to find a parking spot. Lucky us Erin decided to park in her bosses spot which is the DEAN of the college she works at. Another perk about being an employee is that you have the go cart key. So we decide to just hop on the golf cart and drive our little selfs up to the front parking lot. It was a fun adventure.

Thursday, April 19, 2012


This month I was invited to play Bunco with these lovely ladies. It was at Nikki's house this month. I did get one bunco!! But sadly I did not go home with any money. Love when I get to go to Bunco night!! Thanks Nikki for inviting me!!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Titanic in IMAX3D!!!!

Because of all the hype about titanic Grant and I were dying to go see it again. So we finally had a free night and it was finally back in the IMAX theater so we decide to have a "Titanic kind of night" as grant called it. We loved it and it was so much better this time then many years ago. It did not seem like a 3 hour movie!!! Really goes to show how technology has come long measures since then. It was a great night'n

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Cabi Party

Every year my friend Kem and I host a cabi party. It is a line of clothes that is only offered at these home parties. The designer does a line for the spring and one for the fall. I have been wearing cabi clothes for the last 5 years and absolutely love them to pieces. We had the party at Kem's house and it went fabulous. Better than we thought it would go. We had a lot of orders and got a couple of half off items which is always a bonus!! Here are the things I got. I will post later when they arrive!!

Sunday, April 8, 2012


We had a very very low key Easter this year!! On Good Friday we went to COTH for their amazing Easter service. Sunday morning we went to VHUMC with my mom and sister. Both Charlie and Scott had to work this year on Easter no fun. We went to the 11:00 service and then took the traditional pictures in front of the beautiful cross that people cover with flowers. We had originally wanted to go to "NOT ANOTHER BROKEN EGG" for lunch but new it would be packed so we decided to go to Zoey's which was across the street. Unfortunately when we got there it was closed. So then we had the idea to go to Mugshots, so we walked up the escalator and realized that too was closed. So we decided to settle for good ole Panera Bread. It wad delicious even though it wasn't a traditional Easter meal!! It was a nice relaxing and low key EASTER SUNDAY!!!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Bunny!!

My Burlap Bunny for my front door!! I got it up just in time to be up for a few days before Easter. Next year I will be on time with all my burlap door hangers because they will be all made by the end of this summer!!