Sunday, July 31, 2011

Making SIGNS with LaLa B.

One of my good friends Lauren Taylor is so talented in so many ways. I have asked her to help me with some great things for Sarabeth's wedding. And of course she said YES, because she is the best!!! I asked her to help me make some signs for the wedding, one that said Kilgroe/McVey wedding with an arrow to geive directions and the other was to hang as you entered the reception. It said MR. and MRS. Mcvey July 30,2011. Both signs turned out so cute and I am very excited about them. I love being crafty and so this was very fun to me, not a stressful job at all.
Here they are:

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mexican and Rap!!!

Dinner and A Night Out!!

We drove out to Moody after pictures to celebrate Scotts birthday at a Mexican restaurant that my parents have come to love in there new place. It was very yummy. After dinner I got to go see my little baby “DIXIE”, which I haven’t seen in 2 weeks. Loved on her some before heading to one of our friends homes who lives out in Moody also, we went and saw our friend Tami and visited with her for a little while. Then Brittany and I drove back to town and headed to Iron Horse to see Azis and play a little pool with some other good friend The Griffins!!

I had a great day and night with the ones I love!!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Bride gets all dressed up!!

Sarabeth’s Bridal Portraits

Today Sarabeth had her trial run for hair and makeup before the big day next Saturday. And we were going to have her bridal portraits’ taken today as well since she already looked the part!! We met Brittany out at Ross Bridge to take a few pictures. We took some out in front of the entrance before driving over to the hotel to snap a few more. We wanted to take some inside of Ross Bridge, but apparently it is a 1500 fine if you are caught taking pictures inside the hotel so we decide not to try. We headed around back to the pool area to take some on this beautiful stairwell that leads down to the pool. We were just going to snap a few and hope that we didn’t get caught. We had success!! After Ross Bridge we headed over to a near by golf course to take some more pictures, that in my opinion are the best ones of the day. Sarabeth managed to sneak one of Scotts club out with out him knowing!! After to course we headed over to Vulcan to end the bridal secession. We had a great day and Sarabeth looked amazing!! I can’t believe she is getting married in 1 week….AHHHH

Friday, July 22, 2011

BUNCO @ Laurens!!


July 21, 2011

I was asked to be a sub again for my friends bunco group tonight and was so excited to play with this group of girls again. I always have a blast when I am with them. They needed one more sub so I invited one of my good friends Lois to join us tonight. The theme of course was 4th of July and Lauren did a great job with decorating and all the yummy food. I unfortunately didn’t win any money, but I still had a great time.

Thanks Lauren for inviting me!!

Lauren is Pregos!!! YAY!!

Lauren had great luck becasue of the little baby bump!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

One Last Fling before she ties the KNOT!!!

Sarabeth's Bachelorette Weekend
We are less than 2 weeks away from the big day that we have been waiting for since November. But this past weekend we took Sarabeth away to forget everything and just relax and enjoy a weekend of fun with 14 of the greatest friends ever.

I started planning this weekend back in early Spring with the help of some of her wonderful friends. I wanted to make sure this was a weekend to remember for Sarabeth and to always remember how much she is loved and cared for by so many friends.

Most of the girls headed down sounth Thursday afternoon to Ft. Walton, Fl. It was going to be one wild weekend and a stress free one at that for Sarabeth. We arrived around dinner time and immediately went to dinner at a place called fish lips it was delicious. I had grilled shrip, sweet potato fries, and a ceaser salad. We met 3 of the other girls for dinner that were already there for the wonderful weekend. We were all very tired after dinner that we went straight back to the condo to crash.

We woke up Friday morning to a overcast beach, but that wasn't going to stop us from having a day of fun on the beach. We stayed out on the beach all day and into early evening before heading in for the fun and exciting night ahead.

We all got ready and everyone came to our condo to begin the fun night. We ordered pizza and all settled in our seats for the wild night to begin. Before we got started with our night we had a surprise for Sb, one of our good friends Emily had designed a t-shirt for us all to wear that night at the party for the fabulous weekend. Sarabeth had no clue about the shirts so we all went into the back bedroom and put them on and came out in a parade of purple and surprised her. She was totally shocked and so excited. Then we all took our seats and started the show for the lingerie shower before heading out on the town. I surprised Sarabeth with her Honeymoon basket that she has been waiting to see. She loved it!!! Her basket included two towels that said Mr. and Mrs., Just Married Flip Flops, two cups with both of their initials, a sexy little bride tank, personalized picture frame, and some other items. Then we all played a game where she was given a basket of panties that we had each purchased to match our individual personality. This was a fun and tricky game, and we all had fun guessing and seeing the matched panties to fit everyone’s unique style. Then the presents started to be open and the games began. Sb got some sexy and shocking items. After she got done opening all the gifts we cleaned up the condo and got ready to head out on the town for the night.

We all headed out the door only to notice that it was a monsoon going on outside and all the roads were flooded. Do you think this was going to stop us, I don’t think so. We all piled into two cars and headed to the Electric Cowboy for the nights events. When we arrived the place was totally empty but we didn’t care we knew that we would bring the party wherever we would be. We began dancing the night away to great music and just enjoyed ourselves.

One of the best highlights of the night was the mechanical bull that was in the corner waiting to be taken on a ride. So of course we had to get some of the girls to take the challenge and ride the bull. One of the girls Cynthia volunteered to be the first one to ride and she did a great job and had so much fun. Next was defiantly going to be the bride, we weren’t going to leave without SB riding the bull. She did a great job and I am so proud of her for trying it even though she didn’t want to. I wanted to but knew there would be no way I would get up on in front of the crowed that surrounded the bull. Maybe if the place was totally empty I would have, but then again who knows. After many drink, laughs, dancing, and all around acting like fools we all piled back into the cars and headed back to the condos to go to sleep.

Saturday we all woke up talking about the previous nights events and couldn’t wait to get out on the beach for another relaxing day. We all gathered all of our STUFF and headed down to the beach to try and get some sun before the bad weather moved in again. Well we got about 30 min. before the rain came and we tried to wait it out but it just got worse and worse. We got all of our STUFF again and headed over to Emily’s condo for some lunch and to all just hang out and have a good time together. As the afternoon approached we all knew we had to be ready by 5 and with 8 girls in one room we knew we needed to get started early. So we all headed back and began the process to beauty.

I had scheduled a dolphin night cruise from 6-8 and then we were going to eat dinner and then have the BIG BACHELORETTE NIGHT!!! Well, my plans got ruined by the tropical depression that was going on in Destin/Ft. Walton that weekend. So instead we went straight to dinner at AJ’s and then headed over to the SWAMP for the night. There is no way I can describe our night, it was once in a lifetime experience. Because of the monsoon the wind and rain was the worst it has ever been and so we were all soaking wet. The place we were at parts of the roof and walls are open so water was coming in from every direction and we didn’t care. We just enjoyed our night and celebrated Sb and her wonderful marriage that is soon to be. We had so much fun and I couldn’t have asked for anything better. I hope my sister had the time of her life and enjoyed every moment from this weekend. I can’t believe my big sister is getting married. AHHHH!!!

Sunday morning we all woke up cleaned up the condo and headed back home to go back to reality and begin the last minute stressing.

Hope YOU had a BLAST SB!!! I love you so much!!!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!!

July 4, 2011


I knew this was going to be a great day because of the people I was going to spend it with. We headed out to Gardendale to meet up with some of our friends to enjoy a beautiful and hott day of riding. We rode pretty much the entire day and enjoyed every minute of it. Around 5 we headed back and loaded everything up to head back to town for a cookout with THE LINGINGSTONS!!!

Around 6:00 we headed to our friends house to enjoy the second part of our fun day by cooking out with friends. When we arrived all the guys were watching tv and the women were chatting in the kitchen so Chris and I grabbed some food and took our places with the others. We enjoyed a great night of laughing and eating before heading out to watch fireworks. We drove to tip top grill in Bluff Park to watch the firework show at Vulcan. Because of the weather all day it was very very foggy and we could not see a thing L. I was very sad but hey I still enjoyed the night with Chris and great friends.

I will say this was the best 4th of July I have ever had.

Happy Birthday AMERICA!!!