Sunday, July 29, 2012

KiKi's 6th Birthday Party!!

My friends Ashley’s little girl had her 6th Birthday this weekend and I was lucky enough to be able to go. Ashley had a Luau themed party and it came together great. She had it had her parents house because they have a gorgeous back yard with a pool. I wasn’t able to stay long so I didn’t get to swim :(. Ashley had tons of food for everyone and everything was all set up when we got there. KiKi looked so grown up and was so excited to celebrate her birthday. The cake was beautiful and fit in perfectly. I can’t believe this little girl is already six. I hope she had a wonderful day and got everything she wished for.
Happy Birthday KiKi!!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

We are Homeowners!!

Today is the day where we got our keys to our very first home!! We were so excited when this house came on the market at the beginning of June that we had no reservation about wanting it to be ours. We immediately started the process and boy was the last two months stressful. But finally everything came together and all the bumps in the road got worked out and today was the day. We went to the lawyer’s office to sign all the 1000 of papers and receive our first key. We then of course had to go make our second big purchase and that is a new couch that also was some of a wedding gift from Grants mom (THANKS JUDY). We then went and looked at the house and couldn’t wait to start moving in. The first thing we did was paint the master room and the boys started figuring our things for the TV project there would be soon starting. We ended the night by taking our first picture in front of our new house as an engaged couple. 

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Tractor Party for a Two Year Old!!

Happy Birthday Westin!! This year I got to attend his birthday and was so excited to see Ashley new house!! Westin had a tractor theme party and everything fit to a tea at the party!! Ashley parties are always so cute and put together!! You can see in the pictures how everything goes!! All the kids enjoyed a huge waterslide and pool to play in while the adults chatted and chilled. It was so fun and I love spending time at my friend’s kids parties!! 

Jacksonville Trip July 7th-14th

Each summer Grants family takes a “Family Vacation” somewhere and the year they decided to go to Jacksonville, Fl to visit family and see the wonderful city. For the first three days we really just stayed at the condo with family and had movie night, game night, and had a fish fry. It was so said to see everyone leave on Wednesday. But we didn’t let that stop us from having fun. On Wednesday we met up with one of my friends who I used to teach with Rebecca who lives in Jacksonville. She took us around town and took us to some cute stores and to the biggest mall I had ever been to. It had everything from Tiffany’s to Target!! I actually got to go into my first Louie Vuitton store and fell in love with everything. We ate at some yummy restaurants and enjoyed the amazing beaches. The beaches here are so flat and the sand has so many seashells that it hurts your feet to walk on it sometimes. Also the water has no seaweed in it, which is great, but the waves are so strong and high that it takes your breath away most of the time. We ended the week a day earlier and ate dinner and headed back home Friday night. The boys were home sick and so I had no choice cause I wasn’t the driver. Overall it was a fun trip!!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Independence Day Ya'll

Happy 4th of July!!
We had a great day celebrating all over!!  We started off having lunch at greats grandparents house and boy was it delicious. We always love spending time with grants family their all so great!! Then we headed back home to rest and get ready for our next destination!! We joined my family and some friends at the BCC and had a nice little spread of appetizers and watched the fireworks. I was so excited to finally watch THUNDER ON THE MOUNTAIN again.  Overall it was a nice and relaxing 4th of July!!