Friday, December 31, 2010

Farm Life

Night at the Farm in McCalla

December 30, 2010

One of my co-workers moved out to McCalla and she lives right infront of what we call a little farm. The man has several cows and a bull in the fence right behind her house. This is why it is called the farm. Well Smarts invited a bunch of teachers out one night to just hang out by the bon fire and enjoy some yummy treats and some hotdogs. I truly had a great night with my teachers!!!


Monday, December 27, 2010

Girls Christmas Swap

Girls Christmas Swap

December 27, 2010

This was the second annual Christmas swap with my girls that I love to pieces. Each year we have decided that the gifts we swap will be different and have a new theme. This year we decided to swap Christmas doormats. We all met at Nikki’s house and each brought a little dish to snack on while we mingled and gossiped about life. After everyone got there and sat around for a little bit it was time to start the swap and crazy fighting(HAHA). Lauren and I ended up bringing the same Christmas mat and Lauren ended up picking mine so she took the one like hers home in the end. I got the one Allison brought and it was so cute. I can not wait to use it next year at my place. After the swap we all sat around Nikki to hear her sweet little baby’s heart beat.

Funny story, our first Christmas swap Allison was 8 months pregnant and Ashley W. was 10 weeks. This year Nikki was around 3 months pregnant. I love all the changes this group has and am so thankful I get to experience all the many blessings in their lives. I can’t wait to see what is in store next year when we do it again.

Sunday, December 26, 2010


Snow Day

December 26, 2010

We woke up the next morning and it was all white!!! It was truly beautiful and I was so glad I was with my friends!!

Later that night after all the snow had melted we were ready to get out and have some fun. So we went and did something that I haven’t done in over 15 years, we went and played laser tag. We had a blast there were six of us in the whole place.

Next time we all go we will have to make sure to have at least 10 or more people.

Saturday, December 25, 2010


Christmas Day

December 25, 2010

Christmas morning we woke up and couldn’t wait to start the day off cooking a wonderful andyummy breakfast. But first we had to do what we do every year, my sister and I got our stockings and waited in the den while mom and Charlie went in the dining room to sit and wait for us to walk in…..haha traditions. We each had one gift from each other this year and so my sister and I switched gifts and were so excited to see what we got each other. I opened mine first it was a pink zebra purse….just my style. Her and Scott open theirs and they got a gift card to Best Buy and a griddle. After opening gifts we all sat down for a wonderful breakfast of bacon, French toast with cream cheese in the middle and strawberries on top. It was so delicious. We then sat around all morning until mid afternoon before we started cooking a wonderful Christmas meal. After dinner I packed up and headed back to my place to meet some of the best group of friends ever!!!!

Bryd, Diana, and Robert were all waiting for me to arrive at my place so we could get the Dance party started!!! Diana got Dance Party for the Wii for Christmas from her wonderful boyfriend!!! So you guess it we played the wii all night long.

Overall I can truly say this was one of the best Christmases I have had even though I thought it would be a hard one. Thanks to my family and friends for everything they do for me to make me smile.

Friday, December 24, 2010



December 24, 2010

Every year my parents and sister and I go to my childhood church for there traditional Christmas Eve service. This year my amazing and beautiful grandmother and Sarabeth’s Fiancé Scott joined us, as we went to the 7:00 service. It was beautiful and had a great message; my favorite part is always the end when the whole room is filled with candles as we sing Silent Night. After the service we all piled into my sister car and drove around the city looking at Christmas lights, this was the first year we have done this and it was truly wonderful being with my family all of Christmas eve. Each year before we go to bed my sister and I are allowed to open one present, but of course we do not get to pick it. My mom has them already picked out, (I wonder why....haha). My sister and I opened our presents and it was PAJAMAS. But this year was a little different Scott so graciously got my sisters Christmas Eve gift so my mom got so pajamas too. Next year we are going to all have matching ones, we are starting a new tradition. Then we all went to bed and waited for Christmas morning to arrive after putting milk and cookies out for SANTA of course.

I cherish every Christmas with my family and this year I got to spend all of my time with my family and am so fortunate for them. I know that as we grow older and our lives open new doors things will change, but right now I am taking every moment with them.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ornament Swap!!!

Ornament Swap with the TEACHERS!!!

December 22, 2010

This year I was invited to an ornament swap with teachers from my school. I was so excited to be invited and could not wait for the night to start! We all brought an appetizer to share with the group and our ornament of course. We all had a great night and the swap was fun and exciting with much laughter. I took home a beautiful ornament.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Church of the Highlands

Candlelight Service

December 21, 2010

For the past 3 years I have gone to COTH Christmas service a couple night before Christmas Eve. This year I went with two of my favorite girlfriends and two other friends. I really enjoyed this night and took it all in, this night was the beginning of my journey with this church and becoming more involved. I am very thankful to have been introduced to this church back in October of 2007. I continue to grow each day and can’t wait to see my journey with this church in the future.

Friday, December 17, 2010


Sarabeth and Scott’s Engagement Shower

December 17, 2010

As you all know my sister got engaged last month to the man of her dreams. We wanted to rejoice in this wonderful and amazing time in her life, so my family through her and Scott an Engagement Christmas Shower at my parent’s house.

My Aunt C.Kay graciously offered to cook the meal, she did an amazing job and everyone loved

the food. After chatting, eating, and socializing we all gathered to open the Christmas ornaments that everyone brought for Sarabeth and Scott’s first Christmas together. Once we were done with gifts we played a game to see how much they really knew about each other, it was a fun game. The night was a great night with everyone and I am so glad to be on this journey with my sister!!

Saturday, December 11, 2010


Family Christmas

December 11, 2010

Every year my family gets together a few weeks before Christmas to have our “FAMILY CHRISTMAS”. This year we all met at my parent’s house and had a mixture of appetizers that everyone brought. We all sat around and chatted about this and that and enjoyed the wonderful snacks. This year instead of drawing names between the cousins we did something different. We all brought a $25 dollar gift and played dirty Santa. I think I like this way better, for many reasons, it lasted longer and we got to see and get what we wanted between all the gifts. When the game was over we all moved back into the den and just talked and enjoyed each other’s company. While we were all chatting we got a wonderful SURPRISE!!! If you remember back in August I posted a blog about my cousin Robert and Cherie’s Wedding. Well that gave birth at the end of November to a beautiful little girl name Josie. They told everyone that they didn’t want to travel so soon so they would not be making it to Family Christmas this year. We were all very sad, because most of us had not got to meet baby Josie yet. But all of a sudden the door swings open and in walks in Robert, Cherie and Baby Josie. We all start screaming and many of us start crying of excitement!!! Overall the day and night was a huge success!!!

Saturday, December 4, 2010


December 4, 2010

SEC Championship

Auburn vs. South Carolina

I love my AUBURN TIGERS so could not wait to watch this game with great friends. I went to my friend Smarts house also known as the “farm” out in Mccalla. We enjoyed some great food then all settled into our seats for a game that would determine who was the best. It was a long and intense game but I had no doubt that our tigers would win it all, and they did!!!

Friday, December 3, 2010


December 3, 2010

Jeremy’s 25th Surprise Party!!

We all gathered at Iguana Grill around 7:00 to surprise Jeremy for his birthday. They were running late, which was a good thing because our reservations were canceled and we had to wait to be seated. We finally were seated and decorated the tables with a few birthday items and had the cake all ready for the big surprise. Around 7:45 Ashley and Jeremy walked in and with a big shout we all screamed, “SURPRISE”. I think he was a little embarrassed but that’s ok, he was totally surprised. We enjoyed some yummy chips and dip!!! Ashley did a great job of getting this party together.


Sunday, November 28, 2010


November 27, 2010

Girls Movie Night

Some of my girlfriends and I decided to have a girls date night at the movies with no boys!!! We all were feeling very young and wanted to see a girly movie. We picked the move “TANGLED” in 3D. We enjoyed some milkshakes and fries at Jonny Rockets before heading to the movie, where we sat front row with our stylish glasses on. Love nights like these where you don’t care about anything and can let go and just have fun.

Saturday, November 20, 2010


November 19, 2010

Katie and Phillips Engagement Party

Katie is one of my co-workers at West. Her and Phillip got engaged back in Sept. or Oct. of this year. She was so sweet to invite me to her Engagement party. She had her party on a Friday night at Swan Lakes, which is just beautiful!!! We were greeted by her wonderful Hostesses and enjoyed a yummy meal of barbecue. Out on the patio was some live music and a warm and cozy fire. All the teachers sat out in the rocking chairs in front of the fire and just talked and talked, and I enjoyed some much-needed laughter. It was a great night with great people.

I wish the both of them the best of luck in life!!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010


November 17, 2010

The Listening Room

My friend Allison and I decided to drive to Nashville, TN to see our good friend Lauren Taylor perform at the Listening Room that night in a round of singers. We arrived around 4:00 and attended one of her writing sessions, and met some of the other singers that were performing that night. We then had to go find something for Miss Lauren to wear that night, because some how she forgot her outfit she had purchased to wear, it was still in Birmingham. Around 7:00 we headed over to the “Listening Room” where we waited for her to perform. She did an incredible job as always and blew everyone away. After the show ended around 11:00 we headed back to Birmingham, because I had to work the next day!!

*I could live in Nashville and do this every night, was an amazing and fun night!!!

Monday, November 8, 2010


November 5-7, 2010


First off let me just tell you how amazing my sister is, she is not only the best sister in the world she is my BEST FRIEND. My sister and I are extremely close and talk pretty much everyday and at least see each other once maybe twice a week. She is the most genuine person you will ever meet, she does not judge you or tell you what to do. She always has an ear to listen to my latest drama of the week, or whatever it is I need her for. My sister has been my rock through so much in my past and without her I would have never seen the light, or become who I am meant to be. I have always wanted and thought she deserved the best, much like she thinks of my life. So the day I found out she was engaged was one of the best days of my life so far.

Now about the man of her dreams!!!

Scott McVey is an incredible man and both of them are so lucky to have found each other. Scott is originally from Arkansas, where he attended the University of Arkansas. He moved down to good old ALABAMA to begin his work career.

Here is the story of how it all started!!!

Scott and Sarabeth met in the fall of 2007, as neighbors at the same apartment complex. One mid September day Scott had some friends over for the Arkansas/Alabama football game, while Sarabeth also had some girls over to her apartment. During an intense game between the tide and razorbacks Scott decided to take the trash out. While walking back to his place he heard girls cheering for the Razorbacks. He saw an apartment full of orange and blue and knew no one was an Arkansas fan, but rather Auburn fans cheering against Alabama. Scott proceeded to yell, "You are not a real fan!" Being an avid football fan that Sarabeth is, this caught her attention and she couldn't keep her mouth shut. Well here they are today now planning their wedding! :)

THE PROPASL (Straight from the soon to be BRIDE)

Scott had always said I would have to meet his grandma before we would get engaged. He said she would have to approve before we "took the next step." So on November 5th we flew to Kansas City to spend the weekend with grandma. We got there early Friday morning and spent the day visiting. On Saturday we woke up and enjoyed breakfast (little did I know before I woke up Scott had told his grandma his plan to propose) and a relaxing morning at the house waiting for the football games to start. The Auburn game wasn't being played on tv that day (lucky for Scott haha) so around lunch time he had asked me to go for a walk outside. It was about 40 degrees and freezing I was hesitant about going out. His grandma has a farm in her backyard with horses and llamas, so we went to see the animals. Scott asked me to go sit in the gazebo and we talked about our trip and how beautiful it was there. At some point while talking (b/c I was so shocked I can't remember what we were saying) he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. My eyes filled with tears and I asked a few times "are you serious, is this for real????" haha....while he got the ring out with tears in his eyes I said YES!!!

After the proposal she knew the first person she needed to call (besides my parents) was her little sister!!! So around noon or so my phone started ringing, I was a little surprised because she was out of town. As I answered she sounded different but was making small talk. Next thing I hear is “I’M ENGAGED” he asked me to MARRY HIM!!!! I just started screaming and crying and who knows what all I said..haha. Then she handed the phone to Scott who apologized for not telling me before but said SB had told him he better not tell me because she wanted to be the one and hear my reaction.

Overall, it was so amazing and I wouldn’t have changed a thing about it!! I am so thankful and blessed for them both. I am so lucky to be apart of one of the most amazing times in her life and can’t wait to experience all of the memories we will make during the next months to come.

I love you Sarabeth and Scott!!

Saturday, November 6, 2010


November 6, 2010

Benefit Concert for HAITI!

My friend Allison and I attended a concert at sloss furnace benefitting victims from Haiti. There were three performs that night, we went mainly to see our friend Lauren. Lauren Taylor went on at 6:30 and was amazing. Every time I hear her sing I just get chills of amazement of how talented she is and the journey her talent will take her on. Next was Michael Warren who is very talented. The last performer was Megan Elliot. All of the performers are amazing and I loved every minute of the night.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


October 21, 2010


Great night of BUNCO!! Sadly I didn’t win anything!! But still had a wonderful night with great girls!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Allison Birthday Dinner!!!

October 18, 2010

Allison’s 26th Birthday Dinner!!

We were invited to celebrate Allison’s birthday at Sol Azteca. We had a great time celebrating with her; it was a great night of talking and catching up with great friends.

Happy Birthday Allison!!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010


October 17, 2010

Nannie C. 88th birthday Brunch!!

My amazing grandmother celebrated her 88th birthday at the country club!! We all went for a lovely brunch and enjoyed her wonderful life and many more times to come. I am so excited that she is moving to Birmingham in December. She is one of the greatest women I know. I love her so much and am so thankful to spend as much time as I can with her!! Her real birthday is October 18, but I had to be at work on that day so we celebrated the day before.


Auburn vs. Arkansas

October 16, 2010

Auburn vs. Arkansas

My parents and I got up early Saturday morning and headed down to the loveliest village on the plains AUBURN, Al. I have not tailgated with my family in forever so I was so excited to have a big tailgate with family and friends!! It was a 2:30 game so we got there early and started eating right away. My uncle had an extra ticket so I got to go to the game after all and boy am I so thankful I was there. It was one of the best games ever!!! After the game we came back and tailgated until about 9 then headed back to my grandmothers to stay the night.

War CAM Eagle!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fabulous Night!!!

October 6, 2010

October Girls Night

Our October girl’s night was at my apartment since I had just moved in and most of the girls hadn’t seen the place yet!! I loved having everyone over, this month we had a great turnout and as always had a blast!! We always love getting together and just enjoy each other’s company. All of the girls brought an appetizer for us to enjoy. We all try to get together at least once a month so we can catch up and keep up with everyone’s lives!! I love these times with my girls. I am very lucky to have them in my life!!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010


October 2, 2010

Rebecca’s Bachelorette Night

We had a great night celebrating the wonderful soon to be marriage of Rebecca and Grant!! Jennifer hosted a lovely party at her home! I enjoyed being with some great ladies!!

Friday, October 1, 2010


October 1, 2010

Ashley and Ava Reese’s Birthday

One of my great friends gave birth to her first child on her birthday and she is now turning 2!!! Ava Reese had the cutest birthday party ever!! It was a “Woo is turning TWO”, owl themed party. It was at a park near their house on a Friday night. They had a great turn out. The food was great; they had chili for the adults and hotdogs for all the kids. After Ava Reese opened all of her gifts, all the kids got to bust open the Owl piñata, which was filled with tons of candy for all the kids. We had a great time celebrating with Miss Ava Reese on her 2nd birthday.


Thursday, September 30, 2010


September 30,2010

Sugarland Concert

My sister and I got free tickets to this amazing concert!! One of the opening acts was Little Big Town, which is another great band that I love!! My sister and I had a great night of singing along to every song and enjoying being with each other!! I love my sister to death and am so happy she asked me to go with her.

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Family Game Night!!

September 17, 2010

All of my family got together tonight to just have some fun and enjoy our time as a family. We all met at one of our favorite Mexican Restaurants Sol Azteca and had a great meal. Next we went back to my parent’s house and played games for a little bit!!! It was a great night of fun and fellowship with the family!!

Friday, September 17, 2010


September 16, 2010

September BUNCO!!

I was lucky to be invited to another great night of BUNCO!! Tonight was my night I won most buncos of the night and got to take home $50, which I needed!!! I always love when I get invited, these girls are wonderful!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Girls Night Out!!

Some of my sisters went out to see one of the greatest bands ever TROTLINE!! We had a great night and just enjoyed each others company and did a little dancing and singing.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

"Moving On OUT"

September 1, 2010

My FIRST place on my own!!!


I finally moved out of my parent’s home and live on my own. It was a very hard decision but I knew it would happen one day!! Back in July I started looking at different apartments and had found a wonderful place to call my home. It is close to work and my parent’s house and I feel very safe where I am!! I feel like this is another step in my journey called life and am enjoying all the new experiences being made!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Brittany's Birthday Bash!!

August 12th 2010

Brittany’s Birthday Party

Mystery Dinner Party

My best friend Brittany always throws amazing parties!!! This year for her birthday she decide to have a Murder Mystery Party. We all got to dress up like we were living back in the 1980s it was so much fun to see everyone dress up! I was Mary Toosteal and I was married to a Politician. We played the game and many people were being killed. At the end we had to guess who the killer was, the killer was our good friend Allison!! She did a great job hiding it from everyone. Overall the night was a blast and I enjoyed being part of it!!


Love you!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

MR. and Mrs. Fuino


Robert and Cherie Fuino

My cousin Robert got married on August 7, in Atlanta, Ga!!! They are a beautiful couple who are truly in love. When you look at them you can tell how much love they have forever. I am so thankful to have them in my life, and can’t wait to celebrate many more events in their lives.

Congrats Robert and Cherie!!!

Love yall!!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Welcome to the world WESTIN!!!!

July 16, 2010

Baby Westin was born!!

One of my very dear friends from high school had her second baby today!! Heath and Ashley Waldrop welcomed their second child Westin Heath Waldrop into this world on Friday July 16, 2010 at 12:36 p.m and weighed 7lbs. and 10 oz. and 20in. He is absolutely perfect and precious. They already have a little girl Ava Reece who will be 2 in October. Ava Reece will be such a great big sister!!

Congratulations Ashley and Heath your family is now perfect, it can only can better from here!! I love both of you so much and am so thankful to have yall in my life!!

Love you!!!


Friday, July 16, 2010


July 15, 2010

Bunco with the girls @ Erin’s

Two of my good friends Lauren C. and Nikki R. are part of a bunco group and always need subs when another person can’t come. So they asked me to join them one night and of course I went, we all know I never say “no”. Bunco this month was at one of our friends Erin’s house out in Pleasant Grove. We arrived around 7 and enjoyed Lasagna, Bread, dip and crackers, and cookie cake before getting started. We each pay $10 to play and you can win by either being the one with the most Bunco’s, last Bunco, most wins, and the one who has the most lost. Well I had a wonderful time and am planning to go back as a sub whenever needed, but unfortunately did not win any money.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Gradys 80th Birthday

July 10, 2010

Grandy’s 80th Surprise party!

Grandy is Grant’s granddad that I absolutely adore and love like my own granddad. Well this year he turned 80 years old and Mona(GM) wanted to make it a special birthday for him. So she got everyone in on the plan to throw a surprise party at her house for him. A lot of planning, time, and decorations went into the big event. He had know clue and when he walked in was in total shock and speechless. He had tears in his eyes and got choked up when talking and thanking everyone for coming.

It was truly an amazing moment to be part of and I am so thankful to have him in my life.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

West Girls!!

July 1, 2010

Dinner with west girls!!

I met two of my favorite co-workers for dinner at Surin on 280!! I always have so much fun whenever I’m around Amy and Susan. We had a great night and caught up on life and summer!! We are planning to do more outings soon!!

Love you girls!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

June Girls Night!!!

June 29, 2010

Girls Dinner @ BWW

Each month my little group of girls from HS and new additions., try to get together once a month to have a girls night of gossip, venting, laughter, and whatever comes up!! This month we met at BWW on 280 and everyone was kid free this night which was a big change, they all needed ADULT time. One of mine and Ashley K. friends Hannah joined us tonight!! We all had a blast as always! I love all of these girls and would be totally lost without them in my life.

Ashely K. Bday Dinner

June 26, 2010

Ashley K. B’day Dinner at Cheesecake Factory

My bestie Ashley Daniel Kimberl decided to have a few friends go out to dinner to celebrate her birthday which was coming up on June 29th. The Cowarts, Loddels, Ashley’s Parents, and myself joined Ashley and Jeremy at the Cheesecake Factory to celebrate her 27th birthday! We had a great time and enjoyed the time we spent together. Can’t wait to have many more birthday celebrations with this girl!!



Saturday, June 26, 2010


June 25, 2010

My Surprise Dinner/ Back Nine

I knew this birthday was gonna be one of my favorite birthdays of all times because it was my Golden Year. I was turning 25 on the 25th of June. I am one of those who thinks that I have to plan something or nobody else will, so of course what do I do that whole week I bugged my sister with questions about my birthday. I had know idea that she and my bestie Ashely Kimberl were planning something the whole time. They were planning a Surprise party for me and then after to go hear one of my favorite bands.

My sister told me to be at the restaurant at 7:30 and that I should just ride with my parents since I wouldn’t want to drive home late if we did anything after dinner. So I was totally clueless about why she was telling me to stop worrying and leave it all up to her.

So I walked in with my parents at Pablos on 280 thinking we were just meeting Sb, Scott, Ashley and Jeremy. But I walked into “SURPISE” and all my amazing friends were there to celebrate this wonderful night. After dinner and my beautiful PRINCESS CAKE we went downstairs to the Back Nine to hear Deputy Five, which plays mostly country music.

Thank Sarabeth and Ashley for throwing me an awesome birthday night, I will never forget what you two did for me. It means a lot to me that you went out of your way to do all of this for me. I love you both so much!!!

Thank you to all my amazing friends that came out that night to celebrate my 25th birthday!! This year is gonna be fantastic, I just know it!! To all those who couldn’t make it for whatever reasons but wanted to be there, I love you all for just being in my life!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

June 19, 2010

Mr. and Mrs. Tyler Gilbert Wedding

On Saturday June 19, 2010 at 6:30 p.m. at Alridge Gardens in Hoover two of the sweetest and most generous couples I know got MARRIED!! Tyler Gilbert is my very best friend in the entire worlds, Brittany Lammon’s older brother. I felt very appreciated to be invited to this special occasion in their lives.

Tyler and Danielle had one of the most amazing and romantic weddings I have ever been too. It was very ellganant and classy rolled into an evening of fun!! The stunning bride walked in wearing a gorgeous white one shoulder dress with ruffles all down it. The bridesmaids all wore long flowing gray dresses. And the groom and groomsmen all looked stunning in their tuxes.

They had a perfect ceremony then we all headed to the pavolin to enjoy an amazing reception. They had great food, drinks, and music. I had a wonderful time with friends and my second family just dancing the night aways.



Friday, June 18, 2010


June 17, 2010

Sips and strokes funky cross

Since Nicole and I are obsessed with sips and strokes we decided to have another girls night out and invited and few other girls to join in on the night! Nicole asked her friends Holly and Grace, and I asked my very good and lifetime friend Allison Williamson.

We all met at 6:30 planning to go in early and get ourselves situated before the class began. But we were wrong in thinking ahead of time, because the no one showed up until around 8:00 because of schedules changes and teachers not knowing when to work…blah, blah, blah right!! HAHA

So finally we got in and settled and began to paint, the picture for tonight’s class was “FUNKY CROSS”. We have a great time and all enjoyed chatting, painting, and sipping away!!