Monday, January 30, 2012

Caroline Kay Williams


My cousin Kelley gave birth to her third child today! It was her second girl; she has a little boy named Wesley and daughter named Mary Bradley who are great!! We were so excited for Kelly when she found out she was having another girl that we just couldn’t wait to meet her. On Monday we got a text that she was born around 4:30. I had to babysit that afternoon but was going to go meet new newest cousin when I left. I met up with my sister and BIL around 7 and we all headed to the hospital to meet Miss Caroline. When we got to the hospital we ran into my cousins Robert and Cherie and their beautiful daughter Josie who is ONE!! When we got to the room we saw many family members and gave a few hugs and said our good byes as they were on their way out. We then got to see the adorable Carline Kay Williams!! She is so perfect and beautiful. Kelley did a great job and had a wonderful labor and delivery. Brad and Kelley are already amazing parents so I know they will do a wonderful job raising Caroline. We stayed a while and chatted before heading home.

Congratulation Brad and Kelley!

Sunday, January 29, 2012


My sister always has a birthday week celebration so I knew there was more to come after our dinner. SB had planned a night of fun with all her family and friends to enjoy! We all met at Pablos on 280 and had a fun dinner. We then all headed over to the bowling ally to have some fun! We had three lanes and somehow it became a competition between the girls and the boys! I never figured out who won! I am not good at bowling so I just had fun and enjoyed hanging out and celebrating with everyone. It was a fun night and I am so glad to have her as my sister and best friend.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Birthday Dinner for the Sister!

Happy Birthday SB!!

Tonight we celebrated my amazing sisters birthday!! We always have a family dinner somewhere the night of our birthdays. Sarabeth chose to have her birthday dinner at Bone Fish!! It was so so so good!! Sarabeth and I got a drink before it was called the Winter White Cosmopolitan!! It was absolutely delicious!! We enjoyed a lovely appetizer before our meals. I got the shrimp tacos that were fabulous! Then we sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY and had her favorite cake Coconut Cake! I enjoyed cream brulee since I do not like coconut cake. After dessert she got to open her presents!! I got her a Kiddle Touch since she loves to read. My parents got her two pair of boots that she wanted. Overall I would say it was a great birthday dinner!


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Easton Thomas Crooks

Easton Thomas Crooks

January 24th, 2012

My dear friend Lauren Crooks and her husband Kevin Crooks welcomed their first child a little boy to this world on Tuesday January 24th. Lauren and I have been friends since 6th grade. She is one of my best friends and I am so proud of her. Their precious little boy was named Easton Thomas Crooks. He is so tiny and absolutely beautiful. I was lucky enough to go to see him tonight and wrap my arms around him and give him some kisses. I know Lauren will be a wonderful and amazing mom. I can’t wait to watch Easton grow up.

Between all high school and college girls there are 7 children. 4 Girls and 3 boys!! The boys are slowly catching up!! I love when we all get together and chat!! Can’t wait for many more memories with those girls and all the babies!!

Congratulations Kevin and Lauren!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dinner with the Roomie!!

Tonight I decided to bake dinner for my roommate and I. I decided to go all out and cook a big and delicious meal for two. I cooked three different things to get my salad, vegetables, and meal in!!
Salad- I took one whole tomato and cut it into three slices then each slice in half. Then you spread mozzarella cheese on the first slice top it with baby spinach and salt and pepper. Top with another tomato and repeat steps 1 more time. It was delicious.
Veggies- I took asparagus and poured olive oil over them. Then put garlic powder, pepper, and bread crumbs sprinkled on top. Baked in the oven @350 for 15 minutes.
Meal- Baked two potatoes then took the middle out leaving a shell for the potatoe. In a separate bowl I mixed the potato, crab meat, salt and pepper, sour cream 1/2 stick of cream cheese, mexican cheese, bacon bites, onions, and chives all together. Then put scoops back in the potato and broiled it for a couple of minutes. It was the best thing I have had in a long time.
Forgot to take pictures sorry :(

After dinner we enjoyed a glass of wine and layed on the couches and watched a movie!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Baby Bell Shower

Today I had the pleasure of hosting one of my friends baby showers!! Tiffany and Chris Bell are expecting their first child in Feburary. They are having a little girl and are so so excited!! I have known Tiffany for years, she is one of my friends little sisters! I was so thankful to be asked and included in her shower. She had a lovely shower with great food, games, presents, and friends!!
We played three cute games!
1. Guessing the dirty diaper- Where we took melted candy bars and put them in the diapers for people to guess the type of bar.
2. Toilet Paper Roll- Each person took as much paper as they wanted and then we told them they had to say something about the MOTHER TO BE.
3. String Game- They had to guess how long the sting needed to be to go around her waist.

Overall we all had a great day and Tiffany got many many great things for her new bundle of joy!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Gender Reveal Party~

Baby Williamson: Will it be a BOY or GIRL!!!
One of my best friends Allison Williamson had a baby reveal party to announce the gender of their second baby. They already have a little girl who is absolutely precious. She baked cupcakes with both blue and pick icing for treats. She planned to let everyone know by opening a box with either pink or blue balloons. I was so excited to find out. So everyone got there and we were all anxious to find out.
Allison decorated so cute, but simple!!

After Everyone arrived it was time to announce!!
IT's A......

Now time for some yummy cupcakes!! Brantley loved the BLUE ICING!! And loved loved playing with all the balloons!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Third Annual Girls Christmas Swap

Tonight I had my annual Christmas party with my best girlfriends!! We have all been good friends for many many years and have added new girls every year!! I love these girls with all my heart and love when we all get together. The nights are always so much fun with food, laughter, and stories from the old days!! Each year is a new theme, this year we did outdoor signs!! It's always so cute to see all the gifts!! I tried to steal my own gift from someone but it got stolen from me by Ashley K. I got a cute snowman that says Happy Holidays!! I want to make a cute wreath to hang in the middle! It's so funny to me how quickly the evenings go by when we are all together. I would be so lost with out all of these girls!! What a great night!!

Brantley Rae helping Nikki open her first gift!

Lauren stealing one of Nikkis gifts!!

Nikki being mischievous!

Allison-18 Weeks Lauren-35 Weeks
( So funny cause every year someone is always pregnant!! Who will it be next year?)
I have been friends with these girls for over 10+ years!!

Sunday, January 1, 2012


New Years Day

New Year Day 2012

Happy Birthday Charlie!!

Today has been a great day!! I decided to sleep in and relax til around 12 or so and it was very nice. Grant’s grandmother fixed a great lunch around 1:00 since they had to go to church this morning. We had a wonderful lunch with all the New Year fixings!! I ate everything so I know this is going to be a great 2012!!

After I left Grants I headed home to change in my PJs and get Dixie to head to my sisters to celebrate Charlie’s birthday. We enjoyed a night of pizza and games in our PJ’s!! It was a great ending to a great New Years Day!!

Good Night!!

New Years Eve

New Years Eve

This New Years was a very low-key night for my friends and me and I loved every second of it. We had a few friends over to hang out and watch the Auburn Tigers Play. We had all planned to watch the game and then play a few games, but of course plans change. We all watched the game and ate a delicious meal. During the game I decided to catch up on 2 months of blogging. I got all the blog post and pictures uploaded so I would say my night was a successful one. After the game we all sat around and watched the many new years shows and talked!! Right before midnight we all got the champagne ready and our hats and crowns on and our noisemakers to ring in the NEW YEAR!!!

After celebrating at 12 all the girls ran outside with our pots and pans and SCREEMED


I have banged pots and pans every year since I was little and love doing this tradition that my mom started when I was a little girl.