Sunday, February 24, 2013

BOY or GIRL.........

Gender Baby Reveal Party!!
This past Friday night my very good friend Ashley had a Gender reveal party for the birth of her second child. I am so beyond excited for her and her husband Jeremy. She has been through a lot and I am so happy for her and this sweet little baby. Everything was decorated so wonderfully in pink and blue. We all wore the color that we thought the little miracle baby would be and took pictures either with TEAM BLUE OR TEAM PINK! After everyone chatted and enjoyed some yummy taco soup it was time for the big reveal. Ashley gave everyone a black balloon to pop and as we popped it the confetti color would tell us the gender of the baby. As the popping sound started we all were so overwhelmed looking for the color of the confetti that I didn’t get pictures of the popping!

IT’S A ………………..

Monday, February 18, 2013

Basket Shower

On Sunday February 17th, I had my first shower! Some of my wonderful and amazing friends hosted a “Basket Shower” for me at one of my sweet bridesmaids Allison’s House! I invited friends and family to celebrate with me during this special time. Each person is given a secret basket and they are to place items in a creative and unique way. I was very excited to get my showers started so that I could see all my wonderful friends and family during these next couple months as we celebrate! My 5 wonderful Hostess did a great job planning and getting everything ready for the shower. We all ate and chatted before getting started with opening the wonderful and beautiful baskets. Grant came at the end to open the last basket, which was from his mom. She had “His favorite things” basket.  Grant and I are truly blessed to have some of the most amazing people in our lives. We can’t wait until May 4th to celebrate with all of you! 

Friday, February 15, 2013

Will you be a bridesmaid?

I always knew that I wanted to ask my girls in a special way to be a bridesmaid for my special day. So when I got engaged I started making plans for a special and unique way. So after searching pinterest for a few hours, I finally came up with a very special way. I bought these boxes from Michael's and stained them, then I wrote the words FAITH, HOPE, LOVE. In each box had a special poem and the colors of my wedding. Here is the poem for the bridesmaid.......

Faith, Hope, Love ……The greatest of these is Love

Faith has taught me God has a plan for me.
He wants me to be Happy, Joyous and have the Love
of someone to share my journey.

As girls we played house with our dolls
and hoped one day to have our own family to love.
My time has come for that journey to begin.

On the day that I marry this wonderful man,
I hope by my side you will proudly stand.

The one thing on which I could always depend,
was an open ear from you my friend.

Thank you for all the support that you lend,
but mostly I thank you for being my friend.

So on my wedding day, I will need you more than ever.
Please say you'll be my bridesmaid now.... and my friend forever.

Here is the one for the MOH- My sister of course!!
Faith has taught me God has a plan for me.

He wants me to be Happy, Joyous and have the Love
of someone to share my journey.

As girls we played house with our dolls
and hoped one day to have our own family to love.
My time has come for that journey to begin.

To get ready for a wedding there's just so much to do,
from choosing bridesmaid's dresses, to finding something blue.

I see so very clearly, how this wedding's only one,
of the many times you've helped me, when things needed to be done.

Simply to say thank you, just doesn't seem to share,
the feelings here inside me, when I see how much you care.

You are so very special and my heart is grateful for
the friendship that we share and will be forevermore.

Now on the day I marry, you will be the one to stand
as my maid of honor, near me close at hand.

Of memories we've shared, this day just would not be,
the one that I had dreamed of, without you next to me.

And though our lives keep changing, I will still look forward to,
all the many things we'll share, as only sisters do. 

And for my sweet flower girls I gave them each a headband with my colors and a hankercif with their initials to go with a poem for them.

You are so very young, but the years will pass by
and you'll too be a bride, in the blink of an eye.

While you may not remember, the day that I married,
the part that you played, or the basket you carried.

There will be a day, that will burn bright like an ember.
The day you will wed, you will always remember.

So here is a hankie, for the day you will say...
"I need "something old" for my wedding day"

All My Love Sweetheart.

Birthday boy turns "29"

Well grant is finally in his last year of his twenties!! Grant really never does much for his birthday but I make it more of a big deal then him. But this year he wanted something very simple and low key. So both families got together and had a nice dinner at La Paz. He got a few gift cards and some money, he was a happy camper. We are ending our night cuddling up watching celebrity basketball. ( I am only watching it because it is his day)
Happy Birthday Baby!!

Happy Valentine's Day!

We had a great valentines day this year! One of my sweet kiddos gave me a gift care to his parents restaurant, so we decided to go eat there. We went to eat at Moe's BBQ around 5:00 and then headed to the movies. I was so excited to go to the movies because, 1. We haven't been in forever and 2. We were going to see Safe Haven. The movie was amazing and now my new favorite! Will be buying the DVD when it come out. After the movies went home got into bed and watched some DVR before crashing for the night. We both got each other a sweet card with a special note! (Perfect Gift and Day)

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sweet Caroline is "One"

My sweet cousin Caroline had her first birthday today. Kelly my cousin had family over to celebrate today with a few snacks and cake and ice cream. It was very casual but still very sweet! I loved watching Caroline try to walk and play with all the other cousins. She also loved digging into her mini cake! I enjoyed spending and catching up with family!

Happy Birthday Caroline!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Sweet Shop for the birthday Princess!!

Brantly Rae turns 3!!
Happy Birthday BR, I love you to pieces and can't wait to watch you grow up and become a beautiful and talented girl just like your mother. Always remember that your AUNT JAMI loves you very much!  Hope you had a blast jumping and playing with all your friends!
Allison did an amazing job with the party!! Thank you for always including me in your children's lives! Means the world to me and I love you for that!

Wedding Planning!

Let the wedding planning continue!
We are down to just a few more months before the big day! I had been stressed free and just not really worry about getting stuff done until I came back to work in January and everyone around me had to tell me their opinions
 (not in a bad way :) ) about what I need to get on planning and booking! Some things were I needed to order invitations, book a cater, book someone to make my cake, get on bridesmaid gifts etc......

So the calls and emails started flying out of my email box and I was constantly on the phone. Calling anyone around birmingham!
First was finding an invitation and someone to do them for me. I knew from the moment I started planning my wedding, I didn't want the traditional wedding. So that meant not a traditional wedding invitation. I started searching for different and unique invitations and found several I liked. Then I knew that my friends all use this wonderful photographer who also does custom invitations and knew she would be fabulous for this big project! I contacted her and gave her my ideas and she was happy to do them for me. After exchanges of emails and ideas she had the final product ready to be revealed! When I opened the attachment on my phone I smiled from ear to ear and screened! I was so excited and happy about the way it turned out! I couldn't have imaged it any other way. So that was done and they have been ordered!! Hope you all like them as much as I do!

Next was I was on to the food!
I started with three caters
1. Imperial Catering
2. Happy Catering
3. Publix Catering
After emails and phone exchanges, I set up a meeting with Imperial catering on 1.12.13. I was so excited to go to my first tasting and just hear all the great ideas. So saturday showed up and my mom, sister and I went thinking we weren't going to taste anything just talk and price things around. Boy, were we wrong! We were totally blow away when we got there with the generosity of the staff and owner! The main chef had planned a full course menu for our tasting! It was absolutely divine! We talked about my theme and budget and came up with an amazing menu! She also provided tons of extra items in the price for decorations and linens. I am so excited about working with them! I highly recommend them!

Now was the last big item to book was finding someone to make our CAKES! This summer I had gone to a bridal show at the BJCC and had tried Publix raspberry filled cake and fell in love with it. So our first tasting was at Publix. I was so excited and had high hopes about the cake tasting! I had printed out the design I wanted and had my planner with me as we journeyed out to Pell City. When we got there it  we went in and walked to the bakery were we tried a cake with three fillings! They weren't sure if they could do the design I wanted which I was a little sad about because I loved the cake! After the tasting we headed back home and were on to plan B! My next tasting would be at Louise's Cakes N Things in Hoover. I had never heard of this bakery before and so had no expectations going in. But as we arrived we were greeted and shown to a room to start discussing options! I showed them my design and they said it would be no problem! So I knew immediately that we had struck gold at this place! The cakes were both delicious and they were so easy to work with! So we left with both cakes and great deals! I was now a happy bride.

So now that the invitations being stuffed , food is ready, and cakes are being baked I can enjoy with no stress on those areas!

Now up next working on the bridesmaid gifts, crafts and center pieces for the big day!! (POST will come after wedding with pictures and more details! Don't want to spoil all my ideas.)

Friday, February 1, 2013

Auction Night!!

Every year my school does an Auction to help raise money for grants for the teachers at our school and other amazing things that go on through the year. I love going and seeing all the amazing items that have been given. This year I was going for two of the baskets, but sadly I was out bided. This year it was in Vestavia at the city center and the food was provided by Mugshots. It was delicious! I unfortunaly  didn't win anything, but still had a blast!