Thursday, February 25, 2010


February 18, 2010 Thursday
The four of us rented another car and took off to go to Pearl Harbor for the day. It was well worth it. The experience we had was amazing and really allowed us to be thankful for what we are given and that is FREEDOM. I enjoyed the experience and learning more about everything that happened that day. After Pearl Harbor we headed up the coast to a famous hamburger place where we enjoyed a nice big juicy burger.

February 19, 2010 Friday
(Last full day)
We enjoyed our last day by relaxing on the beach all day until the sun set. We then went in and got ready to take pictures around the beautiful hotel. We then went and had dinner, then returned to our room to enjoy the fireworks that they have every Friday night and model our HULA outfits. It was a wonderful night.

We had a wonderful trip and many memories! We were sad to say good-bye to such a beautiful place but ready to get home to see all the ones we have missed.

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