Monday, November 8, 2010


November 5-7, 2010


First off let me just tell you how amazing my sister is, she is not only the best sister in the world she is my BEST FRIEND. My sister and I are extremely close and talk pretty much everyday and at least see each other once maybe twice a week. She is the most genuine person you will ever meet, she does not judge you or tell you what to do. She always has an ear to listen to my latest drama of the week, or whatever it is I need her for. My sister has been my rock through so much in my past and without her I would have never seen the light, or become who I am meant to be. I have always wanted and thought she deserved the best, much like she thinks of my life. So the day I found out she was engaged was one of the best days of my life so far.

Now about the man of her dreams!!!

Scott McVey is an incredible man and both of them are so lucky to have found each other. Scott is originally from Arkansas, where he attended the University of Arkansas. He moved down to good old ALABAMA to begin his work career.

Here is the story of how it all started!!!

Scott and Sarabeth met in the fall of 2007, as neighbors at the same apartment complex. One mid September day Scott had some friends over for the Arkansas/Alabama football game, while Sarabeth also had some girls over to her apartment. During an intense game between the tide and razorbacks Scott decided to take the trash out. While walking back to his place he heard girls cheering for the Razorbacks. He saw an apartment full of orange and blue and knew no one was an Arkansas fan, but rather Auburn fans cheering against Alabama. Scott proceeded to yell, "You are not a real fan!" Being an avid football fan that Sarabeth is, this caught her attention and she couldn't keep her mouth shut. Well here they are today now planning their wedding! :)

THE PROPASL (Straight from the soon to be BRIDE)

Scott had always said I would have to meet his grandma before we would get engaged. He said she would have to approve before we "took the next step." So on November 5th we flew to Kansas City to spend the weekend with grandma. We got there early Friday morning and spent the day visiting. On Saturday we woke up and enjoyed breakfast (little did I know before I woke up Scott had told his grandma his plan to propose) and a relaxing morning at the house waiting for the football games to start. The Auburn game wasn't being played on tv that day (lucky for Scott haha) so around lunch time he had asked me to go for a walk outside. It was about 40 degrees and freezing I was hesitant about going out. His grandma has a farm in her backyard with horses and llamas, so we went to see the animals. Scott asked me to go sit in the gazebo and we talked about our trip and how beautiful it was there. At some point while talking (b/c I was so shocked I can't remember what we were saying) he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. My eyes filled with tears and I asked a few times "are you serious, is this for real????" haha....while he got the ring out with tears in his eyes I said YES!!!

After the proposal she knew the first person she needed to call (besides my parents) was her little sister!!! So around noon or so my phone started ringing, I was a little surprised because she was out of town. As I answered she sounded different but was making small talk. Next thing I hear is “I’M ENGAGED” he asked me to MARRY HIM!!!! I just started screaming and crying and who knows what all I said..haha. Then she handed the phone to Scott who apologized for not telling me before but said SB had told him he better not tell me because she wanted to be the one and hear my reaction.

Overall, it was so amazing and I wouldn’t have changed a thing about it!! I am so thankful and blessed for them both. I am so lucky to be apart of one of the most amazing times in her life and can’t wait to experience all of the memories we will make during the next months to come.

I love you Sarabeth and Scott!!

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