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July 29, 2011
Friday was a busy day for the family as it was the day before the BIG WEDDING!! I woke up late because I was up all night making last minute things for the wedding. I woke up and immediatly had to run around town and do a few quick errands before getting ready for the day.

At 11:30 we all headed to SBs Bridesmaids Luncheon at the Chocolate Biscuit. All her girls were there and most of our family made it for the big celebration. We had a three course meal that was absolutly delicious.
1. Potato Soup
2. Chicken Casserole, Broccoli Salad, and Fruit congeal salad.
3. Chocolate covered biscuits

After lunch Sb gave her bridesmaids, program attendants, scripture reader, videographer and flower girl all of the gifts she had for everyone.
Sarabeth and all her wonderful friends!!
She gave her Bridesmaids a sweet note, a thing to put your candles out with (forgot the correct name), a travel jewelry holder, and jewelry for the day!! She also gave me a soft pink towel wrap to wear on her day. She gave all the others beautiful wine stoppers with their innitials on them. And some american girl items for our cousin the flower girl.
We all had a great time and all of the hostesses did a fabulous job!!
Thanks Family!!

Sarabeth opening the special gift I gave her!!!

We all met at the chuch at 5:15 to begin practice for the big day. We all had small talk before getting in our places. I made Sarabeth her practice bouquet out of all her bows from all her showers, for the rehearsal. I was very nervous about making it, because of course I had never made one before. But I must say I think I did a great job!!! We all did a great job and learned our parts for Saturday!!

Rehearsal Dinner!!!
I just want to begin by saying that Scott's parents did an incredible job with the dinner. It was absolutely beautiful!! The dinner was at a room at the Botanical Gardens. There was a wine and beer right as you walked up the stairs before entering the room that was so wonderfully decorated. As soon as I got there one of SBs other bridesmaids helped me set up for the big slide show. I had prepared two one she knew about that was of her and Scott growing up, friends, then them together. The other was a surprise it was my video speech since I don't like talking in front of people. I think my sister was very thankful for both. I had a lot of fun making both of them, it brought back so many wonderful memories!!! After both movies the floor was now open to speeches!! Everyone did a great job and we heard many entertaining stories!! Sarebeths best friend gave a speech in a poem!! I would love to get a copy of it and make a surprise gift for the both of them. The night was wonderful and everything came together just right. After dinner Sarabeth, Chris and I went and met some friends out to enjoy a drink before getting our rest for SARABETH's WEDDING DAY!!

This day could not have been any better!!!
1 More DAY!!

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  1. Jami, I know it was a beautiful day for SB! I love that you taped your speech! Ha! I know that was very special for her and she is lucky to have such an amazing sister! Les