Sunday, June 17, 2012

We're ENGAGED!!!

It was Father's Day!! Grant and I had separate plans and were planning to do our own thing and meet up later. I went to my cousin’s baptism and then I went to meet Grant at his Grandparents house in Mccalla where he was grilling out with the family to celebrate fathers day over there. After we ate and hung out with the family we went to see Grady and Mona (Grants other grandparents). When we arrived we remembered that they had gone to the Alabama Theater for a movie (which Grant already knew and was part of his plan the whole time). I had to go to my parent’s house for dinner and to celebrate father's day with Charlie. Grant said he wanted to go but really needed to come back and spend the evening with Grady and Mona. I said that is totally fine and went on my way to my parent’s house. While I was at my moms, I enjoyed a wonderful nap and some yummy BBQ!! My mom started texting someone and was saying it was someone from work.(It was really Grant telling her he was on his way)  During this time Grant was texting me asking how dinner was and telling me he was at his grandparents just hanging out. All of a sudden the doorbell rang and Mom told me it was one of her co-workers dropping something off and to go answer the door. As I opened the door, Grant was down on one knee!! I freaked out and kind of closed the door lol, he quickly pushed it opened and said "Jami you are the love of my life, WILL YOU MARRY ME!! I started saying is this for real are you serious!! My step-dad said tell him something!! AND I SAID YES YES YES!! 

Grant chose to propose to me on father’s day for two amazing reasons!! 
The first is he wanted to include both of our families and what better way then to do it right in front of them. The second is he wanted to do something that included my daddy who is in heaven and this was his way of knowing he was there and watching over me because it was father's day. My daddy and I share many things from our name to a birthday!! My birthday on earth and my daddy’s birthday in heaven!! So to have another special and meaningful event be shared with him is fabulous!! 

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