Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Let me tell y'all all a great story about our first major issue in our new house. One morning before school I was taking Dixie (my dog) outside like I usually do and I noticed that there were wet paw prints all over the porch. I came back inside to find all this water on there floor (How I missed this when I walked out still confuses me). I then looked up and saw that we had three leaks and the ceiling looked wet but it was still all sealed. I immediately called Grant, Mom, and told them what happened. I found someone that was going to come by that afternoon to check it out and help solve the problem. That afternoon Grant had gotten home before me and called me while I was still at work, this is what he said "Was the ceiling still on the ceiling or on the floor when you left this morning." I said " UM...on the ceiling. Well as you can tell it had fallen throughout the day. And when I got home I found Grant standing there shaking his head and he had put the doggie gates up blocking the den. It was so funny!! 

Now on to the what caused this little/big leak. Our toilet in the master bedroom had been leaking for several weeks and it had settled and mold had began to grow and finally it just started coming through the sheet rock. Now we have a much bigger whole than the picture below. Grant and I have gotten used to it. We plan on fixing it but are waiting until things settle down because it will be a lot of work. They have to remove half or the ceiling in the room just to make it look normal. So we are not looking forward to that but we know thats the price you pay owning a house.

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