Saturday, October 13, 2012

Pretty Lady Turns 90!!

My beautiful grandmother turned 90 this month on October 18th. We decided to throw her a big party to celebrate all of her wonderful years and to show her how much she is loved by so many. We invited all our family both close and those who lived far away. We also invited many of Nannie's friends that knew and loved her for the same reasons we did. We had it at the Montgomery Country Club and had a wonderful lunch planned. After everyone got settled and started enjoying there food we began to hear wonderful stories told about my grandmother. My mother and her siblings all told what an amazing mother and friend she is, and the stories they told brought tears to my eyes because it brought tears to my Nannie's eyes. Any body who knows my Nannie will tell you she is the sweetest most kind, loving, genius person you will ever meet. I am truly truly one blessed girl to have her as my grandmother. I can't wait to celebrate many many more years and  make many more memories with this lady.
HAPPY 90th Birthday NANNIE C.!! I love you!! 

 Happy 90th Birthday Nannie! 
 Grant and I at the Party 
 Nannie's Beautiful Cake 
 Nannie and Pearlie Mae 
 All The Grandkids! 
My Sweet Family with my Nannie! 

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