Monday, May 3, 2010

MR. and MRS. Josh Griffin

May 1, 2010

Mr. and Mrs. Josh Griffin

Josh and Laura have been together almost 8 years, they are made for each other in so many ways. Every time I watch them together you can see the love in their eyes for each other, it is truly an awesome sight. I have watched their relationship grow over the years and am so blessed to have them be apart of my life. Their wedding was held at “Bentley’s on the Bay” in Santa Rosa Beach, Fl. It was absolutely perfect and gorgeous. The ceremony was held outside and perfect, then we all went inside to enjoy drinks and food at the reception followed by dancing the night away out on the deck. There were two things I absolutely loved about their wedding,. First, they had put all the special dates in their relationship typed out and framed on each table, and second there party favors were sunglasses with the date of their wedding. Laura is so creative!

Congratulations JOSH AND LAURA GRIFFIN!!!

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