Thursday, September 22, 2011


Craft Day!!

Well today I decided to stay in and make crafts all day!!

I made these:

  1. Cupcake Stand
  2. Coasters, Candle Holder, Hot Plate
  3. Vase covered in rope

Cupcake Stand

I went to the salvation army and found three black rod iron candle holders. I got all three for $2. It was awesome!! I then went to Hobby Lobby and found two different size wooden plates. I spray painted the candle holders teal and the plates white. I then glued the tall holder in the middle of the two plates. I want to use the other two in the middle of cake pans. But haven’t found the right ones I am looking for.

Coasters etc.

I went to Home Depot and bought the tiles they are all at different prices but none are more that $1. Then you will need to buy the clear spray it is in the spray paint aisle. I also bought some Modge podge form Michaels. You take a piece of scrapbook paper and glue it to the tile using modge modge then take the clear spray and spray it all over about three times. It will dry and you have a beautiful and unique coaster.


This one is very east as well!! I took an old glass vase that I found in my basement and wrapped some rope I had in my craft box about half way up the vase and but beige and purple flowers in them. I love it and think it turned out great!!

I had a fun time making all these crafts!!!!

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