Saturday, September 3, 2011



Well for the past year I have lived in a 1 bedroom apartment! It has been a great experience for me and I have learned a lot of things about myself. I have realized I can actually live on my own.LOL. Well even though I was happy with where I lived the price was going up and so that meant I had to scoot on out and find a new place. I began in the spring to really pray and pray about where I was going to move to and just asked God for guidance. At the beginning of July I let the apartments know I was moving out at the end of August, I was a little nervous not having a place to live. Well a week or so after, I was asked by some family friends if I wanted to rent there house!!!! So GOD has plans for me!! My new house is absolutely fabulous!!! It is a 2 level house, three bedrooms, 2 bath and a full basement with a 2 car garage. It is a cute little home and I am adding my own little touches everyday!! It looked great when I moved in and everything was fixed up for me, the only thing I want to do do is paint the kitchen!! I have bought a few items and have many other things planned!! But yes I know I am only renting but I plan to be here until I get married one day or until God has a different plan for me!! Here are some pictures of my HOUSE!!

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