Thursday, February 2, 2012

Baby Payton!

Payton Elizabeth Bell

Last night I went to meet another friend’s new addition!! My friend Tiffany and her husband welcomed their first little girl on Monday January 30th. I went up last night to meet little Miss Payton. She is so little and amazing!! She was asleep the entire time I was holding her, but she opened her eyes just as I was about to leave and I snapped a quick picture! Tiffany had a great labor and delivery, but now she is sick with all the crud that’s going around so she is staying a little longer so that she can fully recover before her sweet little family goes home. I know that Chris and Tiffany will be amazing parents and give their sweet little girl so much love and guidance in life. I wish them every bit of happiness to come!

Congratulation Chris and Tiffany!!

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