Tuesday, July 24, 2012

We are Homeowners!!

Today is the day where we got our keys to our very first home!! We were so excited when this house came on the market at the beginning of June that we had no reservation about wanting it to be ours. We immediately started the process and boy was the last two months stressful. But finally everything came together and all the bumps in the road got worked out and today was the day. We went to the lawyer’s office to sign all the 1000 of papers and receive our first key. We then of course had to go make our second big purchase and that is a new couch that also was some of a wedding gift from Grants mom (THANKS JUDY). We then went and looked at the house and couldn’t wait to start moving in. The first thing we did was paint the master room and the boys started figuring our things for the TV project there would be soon starting. We ended the night by taking our first picture in front of our new house as an engaged couple. 

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