Friday, November 23, 2012


Last year Judy (Grants Mom) started the tradition to go shopping together the night of Thanksgiving. This year we made sure to plan out our night ahead of time. We first started off at Wal-Mart where I wanted two things; I wanted a 15p.c picture frame set for my sister and a leather bench seat for our den. We had it all planned out and got what we wanted. Then we headed to Target to get Judy’s vacuum that she gets every year. I also got a fire pit and a cozy soft blanket. We left Target at 10 and still had two hours until Belk would open. I knew I had to go to Belk to get several pairs of boots. We hung out in the car until the doors opened and then slipped on in, we fought the crowd and both got separated for a little while until we were reunited in the shoe department when several boots in our hands. We found a spot and looked through and tried on before we settled on our purchases and checked out in the makeup section. We then headed to Macys to get a few gifts and then headed back to the house to rest for a couple of hours before getting back out. Around 4 the next morning we headed back out to Home Depot to get our last purchase of the night. We both wanted the white/color light Martha Stewart tree. At 5:00 the doors opened and we rushed in got our tress got through the check out line and headed back home to empty the car. Then Judy went home and I went to bed and slept until noon or so the next day. We always have so much fun when we are together!! 

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