Monday, November 12, 2012

Trip to the Mountains!

Grants family had planned a weeklong trip the second week of November to Gatlinburg. They were so generous to invite us that we knew we had to somehow figure a way to make it. We were able to take a day off work and go for the weekend. His family had rented a cabin and so we drove up after work on Thursday and got there around 8 or so and had some dinner and then hung out and relaxed with the family. The next day we got up really early and were going to drive up the mountain to some of the high points and walk around town. We started the day off at the Log Cabin Pancake house and then all piled in the cars and headed up the mountain. We stopped at Clingmans Dome and walked up to the observation deck. Then we drove around some more and then walked around town. We went to a place where they had cubs to feed and that were in open cages. We did that as we were shopping. We then went to a pizza place for dinner before returning back to the cabin to watch movies and hang out. The next day we woke up and went to the Titanic and did that for a couple of hours before heading to lunch at the Apple Barn. We then headed back to the cabin so the boys could watch Alabama play. While the boys watched the game Grants mom and I went into town to walk around and also have some fun. Judy and I went in the House of Mirrors, it was so fun! Then we headed back to the cabin to see the rest of the game with the boys. That night we all had a great dinner and Grants cousin Jana and her husband Grant came for the night. We all played some pool downstairs and then enjoyed some movies. The next morning it was time to pack up and head home. But we stopped at a local place for breakfast and then on to the jelly house before all parting ways. Overall it was a nicec and relaxing weekend away!! 

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