Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sisters 30th Surprise Parties!!

My Sister was turning the big 30 this year and so she decided instead of her planning her birthday like she does every year, she was going to tell us that she wanted a "SURPRISE PARTY". Well its kind of hard to surprise someone who expects a party. But even though she is very impossible to surprise, I was determined to surprise her!

So the planning began to figure out how we were gonna pull of the big SURPRISE! Many messages and text were exchange to figure out times and dates! Finally we decided to two two surprises and with that we were bound to surprise her at one of them.

The first idea was a surprise lunch at Tecate around 11. My mom had asked SB to go to lunch with just her to spend some time with her on her birthday.The second surprise was a party at my house with everyone and then out somewhere for some fun. Scott had told her that he wanted to take her to a nice dinner and then they would meet up with everyone at STARZ for some karaoke. My mom had suggested that they stop by my house and have cake and ice cream since the parents weren't going out. So SB was all down with the plan and agreed to it!

The lunch was great she walked in and we were all ready to say "SURPRISE" when the waiter walked up to her and said are y'all her for the birthday party. She gave a strange place but new at that second something was up. So we still said surprise and had a great lunch!! She was very thankful and glad her friends were there!

After lunch we decided to go down to the Avondale Brewer to taste some beer and enjoy the beautiful sunshine and enjoy SB bday with her!! It was so much fun, but all I kept thinking was my poor mom was at my house doing all the work for the big "SURPRISE PARTY". But I couldn't really tell SB I had to leave to go get ready for her big party! So we finally left around 4:00 and I raced home to help mom finish the cake and snacks!!

Around 7:00 friends started arriving and we all started chatting and waiting on the birthday girl! We had fun catching up and laughing and just enjoying some time together! Then we got the awaited text from Scott that said "Leaving the restaurant". So we all gathered in the living room with our "Jelly Braclets" and "Sunglasses" awaiting the arrival of the BIRTHDAY GIRL! Grant was our look out and gave us play by play of their moves as they approached the stairs.

We pulled it off! She was totally in shock and blown away! I truly believe that we surprise her!

We all hung out for a while and played an 80's trivia game and sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY before going out on the town to listen to an 80's band to end the night!

Overall I would say it was a total success in both parties!

I hope you had a memorable 30th birthday. I had so much fun planning it for you! I love you so much and thank GOD everyday that you are my sister and best friend. My life would be miserable if I didn't have you in my life!

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