Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Girls Night out!!

Sips and Strokes!
I have found a new passion!!! I have never thought of myself as a painter or even enjoying to paint, but I have come to realize that I love it! One of my good friends and I have been to sips and strokes a couple of times this month and have really enjoyed it. So tonight we went back and we were going to paint a Zebra cross. Well everything was going great and it was turing out just the was it was suppose to be, but then we came to the last part making the zebra stripes. I started making them and got a little carried away with the black. Then I started doing my own thing and it turned out way opposite of the zebra stripes. It looked more like one of those pictures where you break something into little pieces and glued them together. I absolutely loved the way it turned out, even better than what it was suppose to look like. We had a great girls night and are planning the next one which will be another cross but this time a little funky. I love my girls nights!!

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