Sunday, February 27, 2011


Stock the Bar Shower

Clare and John’s Couple Shower

February 26, 2011

Clare is one of my sisters best friends from childhood, so she is always been part of the family and a friend of mine as well. My sister and mom helped host this shower so with that I knew it would be an amazing night!! It was held at our friend Abbott’s house!! Chris and I went together and we got them a fancy wine opener that sits on the counter. We enjoyed a wonderful meal and fellowship of catching up!! It was so great to see everyone from high school all together again; it seriously felt like a reunion!!! I loved every second of the night!!

After the shower Chris and I headed over to my friend Meagans boyfriends Parker’s house to celebrate Meagans birthday on the 27th. We just enjoyed a wonderful night of long talks and card playing followed my some purple onion at 2 in the morning.

Happy Birthday BOOKIE!!

I love you!!!

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