Monday, March 7, 2011

What I Live for......WEEKENDS!!!

Weekend full of fun!!

March 4-6, 2011

Let me just start off by saying this weekend was extra great because one of my closet sorority sisters from college was coming to town!!! My friend Sara aka SaSa came to spend the whole weekend with me. I have not spent this much time with her probably in 3 years so I knew it would be amazing!!!


Roberts Birthday Celebration

Robert and I met about 2 years ago and just recently have gotten closer than we used to be. Tonight we all got a big group of friends together to go out for his birthday!! We started the night off at one of his favorite places BWW!!! After dinner we all headed back to Chris’ place to have cake and just hang out and enjoy the night!!

Happy Birthday Robert!!!

Mandy and I SaSa and JaJa

Chris and I


It was very nasty today so we all were just planning to have a lazy day on the couch and watch movies all day and grill out that night. So while all the boys worked on their toys (AKA 4-wheelers and RZR) the girls laid on the couch watching movies all day!! That night we cooked a wonderful dinner and just hung out at the house because it was so nasty outside.


We woke up to a beautiful day, which meant it was time for some riding!! So we all loaded all the coolers, food, and 4-wheelers up and were ready to hit the road!! We had beautiful weather that we stayed all day and well into the night!!!

I enjoyed the weekend not only with friends but also with my SaSa!! Can’t wait for her to come back again soon!!!

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