Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Bride gets all dressed up!!

Sarabeth’s Bridal Portraits

Today Sarabeth had her trial run for hair and makeup before the big day next Saturday. And we were going to have her bridal portraits’ taken today as well since she already looked the part!! We met Brittany out at Ross Bridge to take a few pictures. We took some out in front of the entrance before driving over to the hotel to snap a few more. We wanted to take some inside of Ross Bridge, but apparently it is a 1500 fine if you are caught taking pictures inside the hotel so we decide not to try. We headed around back to the pool area to take some on this beautiful stairwell that leads down to the pool. We were just going to snap a few and hope that we didn’t get caught. We had success!! After Ross Bridge we headed over to a near by golf course to take some more pictures, that in my opinion are the best ones of the day. Sarabeth managed to sneak one of Scotts club out with out him knowing!! After to course we headed over to Vulcan to end the bridal secession. We had a great day and Sarabeth looked amazing!! I can’t believe she is getting married in 1 week….AHHHH

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