Sunday, February 24, 2013

BOY or GIRL.........

Gender Baby Reveal Party!!
This past Friday night my very good friend Ashley had a Gender reveal party for the birth of her second child. I am so beyond excited for her and her husband Jeremy. She has been through a lot and I am so happy for her and this sweet little baby. Everything was decorated so wonderfully in pink and blue. We all wore the color that we thought the little miracle baby would be and took pictures either with TEAM BLUE OR TEAM PINK! After everyone chatted and enjoyed some yummy taco soup it was time for the big reveal. Ashley gave everyone a black balloon to pop and as we popped it the confetti color would tell us the gender of the baby. As the popping sound started we all were so overwhelmed looking for the color of the confetti that I didn’t get pictures of the popping!

IT’S A ………………..

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  1. Please email me the picture of BR and I with Ashley after the reveal. Thanks!