Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Construction Under Way!!

As everyone knows back in september we had a major leak coming from our upstairs master bathroom. The leak had been going on for a couple of months but of course we had no clue. Well one day it finally decided to bust through to the downstairs. After many months of staring at a hole in our ceiling we are finally getting it fixed. We are having our couple shower at our house on the 16th and I wanted the ceiling fixed. Of course we wait until 2 weeks before to finally figure something out. Well saturday Grant and his friend James decided to watch a video on youtube and fix it themselves (With the help of Grants step-dad who used to do some sheetrock work). So Saturday we went to home depot and got the first round of supplies which cost about $30. Came back and the girls started on dinner while the boys tackled tearing down the ceiling to make a square. The next day they worked on putting up the sheetrock while us girls went to my basket shower! The next weekend the boys had to paint the ceiling, had a little trouble with the color but turned out just fine. They had only planned to paint the part that they had fixed but because the paint wasn't quite the same color they ended up painting the entire ceiling. I give them so much praise. Overall we spent about $300 dollars which to get it done professionally and painted would been a good $1000. I love the way it turned out, its a little darker than the walls but looks fabulous!


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