Sunday, March 17, 2013

Couples Shower

Grants best man and his girlfriend Diana who is one of my dear friends hosted our couples shower this past weekend. Grant and I were so excited to have our couple shower and to see all of our wonderful friends! They hosted it at our house and so Grant and I helped get things ready and then were sent upstairs about 5 while all the secretive crafts came out! Diana did an amazing job decorating and all the crafts! When you came up the stairs there was a wood sign with Grant and Jami on it! There was a burlap wreath with a gray bow and yellow "J". As you walked in on our side table she had gifts for the Ladies and Gentlemen! The ladies got flower bookmarks and the men got little alcohol minis!!! She decorated with burlap and mason jars. She also made two burlap banners that were so cute and perfect!!  We had a wonderful meal that she cooked herself!! Everything was perfect and we enjoyed every minute of it. We loved celebrating with our friends and family. We are so thankful for the amazing things everyone has given and done for us during this special time in our lives.


Thank You to our wonderful hostesses!!

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