Sunday, December 18, 2011

Fantasy of Lights

I have always wanted to go to the Fantasy of Lights at Calloway Gardens!! Grant and I loaded up and drove to Montgomery to go to my best friends house. We all went and got a quick lunch then drove hour and half to Georgia to Calloway Gardens. When we got there we looked around for a little bit before going to get our tickets for the big show. We had a little trouble getting the tickets but in the end we got the tickets for the 6:00 show. We all walked around and had an hour to waste before getting on the trolley. When it came time we got on the trolley and were so excited for the show to begin. The lights were absolutely beautiful!! It was so cool to see the lights as animals, people, flowers, and to actually come alive. I highly recommend this incredible show. After the trolley ride we went to the beach to watch two great stories told through lights. We watched the Christmas Story, and Twas the Night before Christmas. After Calloway Gardens we stopped in Auburn on our way home for dinner at Niffers. We ended the weekend with church and lunch!!

Thanks Paul and Brittany for a great weekend!!

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