Saturday, December 11, 2010


Family Christmas

December 11, 2010

Every year my family gets together a few weeks before Christmas to have our “FAMILY CHRISTMAS”. This year we all met at my parent’s house and had a mixture of appetizers that everyone brought. We all sat around and chatted about this and that and enjoyed the wonderful snacks. This year instead of drawing names between the cousins we did something different. We all brought a $25 dollar gift and played dirty Santa. I think I like this way better, for many reasons, it lasted longer and we got to see and get what we wanted between all the gifts. When the game was over we all moved back into the den and just talked and enjoyed each other’s company. While we were all chatting we got a wonderful SURPRISE!!! If you remember back in August I posted a blog about my cousin Robert and Cherie’s Wedding. Well that gave birth at the end of November to a beautiful little girl name Josie. They told everyone that they didn’t want to travel so soon so they would not be making it to Family Christmas this year. We were all very sad, because most of us had not got to meet baby Josie yet. But all of a sudden the door swings open and in walks in Robert, Cherie and Baby Josie. We all start screaming and many of us start crying of excitement!!! Overall the day and night was a huge success!!!

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