Tuesday, December 25, 2012


This year Grant and I decided to not do anything for each other since we had just bought a home and had a wedding coming up. So we woke up early to get ready and begin our day. Our first stop was breakfast at 7:00 at Ihop with his Dad’s side of the family and then on to open presents. It takes about 3 hours to open up gifts over there because they are always so generous. We left there around noon and stopped by his parent’s house to wish them a Merry Christmas and chat a little. Then we were on to our last stop of the day, which was to my parent’s house. We all hung out there and ate, played games, and unwrapped gifts!! It was a great Christmas!! I loved going to visit and spend time with all of our families. I wish it didn’t have to end when if did, I could have gone to 100 more places just to see family! This year and every year I am truly blessed by everyone.

Merry Christmas 2012!! 

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