Monday, December 31, 2012

New Years Eve!

We had a wonderful low key but fun New Years! This year my sister won 6 tickets to the comedy club. So my parents, Grant and I, and Sarabeth and Scott went to the 6:30 show featuring Steve M. We all got dressed up and met everyone up there and was escorted down to the first level. The opening act was great, Grant and I got picked on for being engaged and then meeting on-line (Facebook). Pretty much the whole act from him included us. But I loved every minute of it. The main act was great, he was hilarious and I loved it. We got a few appetizers and drinks to hold us over until after. When it was over we decided to go try to get in somewhere but passed and went to Purple Onion. After dinner we said our good-byes to the family. We then went on to our next adventure of the night, which was bowling with some friends. We met our friends Diana and James at the bowling ally for some fun and to ring in the new year. After about 4 games of fun we decided to call it a night. I loved this New Years!!

Happy New Years Eve!! 

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