Friday, December 21, 2012

Elf on the Shelf.....

Every year Santa sends one of his elf's to my classroom to watch over my little Kiddos before Christmas. Our elf's name is Jingle and he loves to be silly in our Kindergarten class. Through out the time he was there he would always surprise us when we came to school each day. These are just some of the things Jingle did during the time at WEST! 
- Draw a pretty picture of himself!! 
- Have story time while resting!
- Played Hide and Seek in the Poinsettia! 
- Unwrapped some gifts! 
- Played in the glitter in the Arts and Crafts Center!
- Took a bubble bath to get all the glitter off!
- Played on Starfall! 

We were very sad to say good-bye to Mr. Jingle but we all told him how special he was to us and that we would see him next year. 

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