Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years Eve

New Years Eve

This New Years was a very low-key night for my friends and me and I loved every second of it. We had a few friends over to hang out and watch the Auburn Tigers Play. We had all planned to watch the game and then play a few games, but of course plans change. We all watched the game and ate a delicious meal. During the game I decided to catch up on 2 months of blogging. I got all the blog post and pictures uploaded so I would say my night was a successful one. After the game we all sat around and watched the many new years shows and talked!! Right before midnight we all got the champagne ready and our hats and crowns on and our noisemakers to ring in the NEW YEAR!!!

After celebrating at 12 all the girls ran outside with our pots and pans and SCREEMED


I have banged pots and pans every year since I was little and love doing this tradition that my mom started when I was a little girl.


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  1. Love all the updates and that you still bang pots and pans! You had my kind of NYE!! I am going to have to "steal" your pick of AR and Westin with you at Allison's to put on my blog! It's precious!