Monday, January 30, 2012

Caroline Kay Williams


My cousin Kelley gave birth to her third child today! It was her second girl; she has a little boy named Wesley and daughter named Mary Bradley who are great!! We were so excited for Kelly when she found out she was having another girl that we just couldn’t wait to meet her. On Monday we got a text that she was born around 4:30. I had to babysit that afternoon but was going to go meet new newest cousin when I left. I met up with my sister and BIL around 7 and we all headed to the hospital to meet Miss Caroline. When we got to the hospital we ran into my cousins Robert and Cherie and their beautiful daughter Josie who is ONE!! When we got to the room we saw many family members and gave a few hugs and said our good byes as they were on their way out. We then got to see the adorable Carline Kay Williams!! She is so perfect and beautiful. Kelley did a great job and had a wonderful labor and delivery. Brad and Kelley are already amazing parents so I know they will do a wonderful job raising Caroline. We stayed a while and chatted before heading home.

Congratulation Brad and Kelley!

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