Monday, January 2, 2012

Third Annual Girls Christmas Swap

Tonight I had my annual Christmas party with my best girlfriends!! We have all been good friends for many many years and have added new girls every year!! I love these girls with all my heart and love when we all get together. The nights are always so much fun with food, laughter, and stories from the old days!! Each year is a new theme, this year we did outdoor signs!! It's always so cute to see all the gifts!! I tried to steal my own gift from someone but it got stolen from me by Ashley K. I got a cute snowman that says Happy Holidays!! I want to make a cute wreath to hang in the middle! It's so funny to me how quickly the evenings go by when we are all together. I would be so lost with out all of these girls!! What a great night!!

Brantley Rae helping Nikki open her first gift!

Lauren stealing one of Nikkis gifts!!

Nikki being mischievous!

Allison-18 Weeks Lauren-35 Weeks
( So funny cause every year someone is always pregnant!! Who will it be next year?)
I have been friends with these girls for over 10+ years!!

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  1. Hey- Not that it matters but I'm 19 1/2 weeks. Woo whoo! Almost halfway!!
    Also, can you post these picture to Facebook so I can save some of them to use in a post. Thanks! Love you!