Sunday, January 15, 2012

Baby Bell Shower

Today I had the pleasure of hosting one of my friends baby showers!! Tiffany and Chris Bell are expecting their first child in Feburary. They are having a little girl and are so so excited!! I have known Tiffany for years, she is one of my friends little sisters! I was so thankful to be asked and included in her shower. She had a lovely shower with great food, games, presents, and friends!!
We played three cute games!
1. Guessing the dirty diaper- Where we took melted candy bars and put them in the diapers for people to guess the type of bar.
2. Toilet Paper Roll- Each person took as much paper as they wanted and then we told them they had to say something about the MOTHER TO BE.
3. String Game- They had to guess how long the sting needed to be to go around her waist.

Overall we all had a great day and Tiffany got many many great things for her new bundle of joy!!

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